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Factory direct cheapest E14 E27 B22 Plastic led lighting bulb with 3watt-40watt and 1 year warranty

Power: 3-40W

Price:Minimum 0.43 USD

Voltage: 220-240VAC

Lumens: 150-970lm

Color: 2800-3500K / 6000-6500K

Beam Angle: 180°

Warranty: 12 Months

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Product Overview: 

Factory direct cheapest E27 B22 Plastic led lighting bulb with 3watt-40watt and 1 year warranty

If you need more information about Eneltec Plastic LED Bulbs,you can click "DATA download" to download product specification for free. 

Eneltec Plastic LED Bulbs are bottom 0.43USD and designed for using in supermarkets, jewellery’shops, advertisement box, office building or for direct replacement of convential lamps. The best point is it's the best selling and even cheaper than CFL. 

In fact, the plastic led bulbs are the best selling products in India, Russia and Africa markets. As it's already cheaper than CFL, all the traditional lighting importors change their purchasing from CFL, incandescent lamps into plastic led bulbs, as it's longer lifespan, energy saving and better lumen output.

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Plastic LED Bulbs Features:

1.Wide range of available voltage and low consumption.

2.Green and eco-friendly lighting source without mercury, UV and infrared light.

3.Easy to install and maintain ,replace traditional spot light directly.

4.Good quality and good heat dissipation.

5.Long life span , low cost of maintenance.

6.Energy saving and high luminous intensity, energy consumption can be 30% of traditional spot lights.

7.CE certificate and RoHS compliance.

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LED Bulbs Advantages:

1. Long life time 50000hours

2. Energy saved up to 90% high intensity than fluorescent tubes.

3. Not easy borken.

4. No hazardous materials, completely RoHS compliant

5. No need maintenance, long life of LED,no trouble of replace parts of ordinary Bulb Light

6. No flash, DC driving, stable light, protect eyes, prevent hurt of eyes and accident of component

7. Good color vision, color temperature can be adjusted from 2700k-6500k

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cheap led bulb

cheap led bulb

LED Bulbs Application:

LED Bulbs Application LED Bulbs Application

LED Bulbs replace the common bulbs,especially for museums,art galleries, cosmetic counters.Suitable for commercial building, villa, restaurant, hotel, meeting room, table lamb, garden lamp.

LED Bulbs Installation:

LED Bulbs Installation

No. Pictures Model No. Power
1  cheap led bulb 3W ENBL-3WSMD-02E 3 150 180° 220-240VAC 2800-3500K/
2  cheap led bulb 5W ENBL-5WSMD-02E 5 230 180° 220-240VAC 2800-3500K/
3  cheap led bulb 7W ENBL-7WSMD-02E 7 300 180° 220-240VAC 2800-3500K/
4  cheap led bulb 9W ENBL-9WSMD-02E 9 390 180° 220-240VAC 2800-3500K/
5  cheap led bulb 12W ENBL-12WSMD-02E 12 460 180° 220-240VAC 2800-3500K/
6  cheap led bulb 15W ENBL-15WSMD-02E 15 580 180° 220-240VAC 6000-6500K
7  cheap led bulb 20W ENBL-20WSMD-02E 20 620 180° 220-240VAC 6000-6500K
8  cheap led bulb 25W ENBL-25WSMD-02E 25 720 180° 220-240VAC 6000-6500K
9  cheap led bulb 30W ENBL-30WSMD-02E 30 780 180° 220-240VAC 6000-6500K
10  cheap led bulb 35W ENBL-35WSMD-02E 35 880 180° 220-240VAC 6000-6500K
11  cheap led bulb 40W ENBL-40WSMD-02E 40 970 180° 220-240VAC 6000-6500K


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