Eneltec has installed about 200,000,000 LED Lighting Products by more than 500 different models for 1450 projects in 155 countries, you could find all the information of these LED Projects here.

Select by Eneltec Products:

ENDL-1P3W-01 LED Down Lights in Spain

Country: Spain

We recommended LED Down Lights and LED Panel Lights to her. 

ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 LED Par Lights in Slovakia

Country: Slovakia

ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 par lights are first used in the project of Central Bar on April, 8th, 2011.

ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 LED Par Lights in Taiwan

 Country: Taiwan

Our customer in Taiwan Kaohsiung directly bought 155 pieces ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 from our Taiwan production base on August 2nd, 2011.

ENPL-30120-01A LED Panel Lights in Belgium

Country: Belgium

Antwerp Central Hospital applied Eneltec's product of ENPL-30120-01A

ENPL-6060-01A LED Panels in New York

Country: USA

you could replace the whole lighting fixture by LED Panels

ENFL-120W-01 LED Flood Lights in Malaysia

Country: Malaysia

In this project we were asked to give a design for Wachai Road by using LED Flood Lights in Malacca, Malaysia. 

ENFL-120W-01 LED Flood Lights in Denmark

Country: Denmark

They are mainly interested in the outdoor LED Lighting Products

ENEP-100W-01 LED Explosion Proof Lights in China

 Country: China

This is project happened on 12th October, 2011. In this project, we made a design for Sinopec Gas Station, a gas station located in Shanghai by using 12 pieces LED Explosion Proof Lights (LEDEP). 

ENEP-120W-01 LED Explosion Proof Lights in United Arab Emirates

Country: United Arab Emirates

The project was used in the AABAR project, which can be seen from the pictures. The customer required LED lights which has the function of anti-explosion,dustproof,and they told us that safety is the most important. 

ENDL-6P6W-02A LED Down Lights in Colombia

Country: Colombia

In this project, we are required to make a lighting design for Centro Empresarial Shopping Mall located in Bogota, Colombia.


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