LED Corn Lights

LED Corn Lights are the best replacement products for MH/HPS lamps, which used in street lights, flood lights, tunnel lights.

LED Corn Lights fit into standard lighting receptacles and offer a brighter lighting solution than standard singled LED bulbs. Our LED corn lights use E26 / E27 / E39 / E40 screw base, which are easy to install and replace conventional compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), high pressure sodium (HPS) lights, metal halide lamps, incandescent bulbs, HQI, and SON lights. If you are looking for ambient mood lighting, these are definitely not the kind of light bulbs you want. If you are interested in making things brighter and more welcoming, then LED corn lights are great choice.

4U LED Corn Light, LED Energy Saving Lamp

2U 3U 4U LED Corn Light, LED Energy Saving Lamp 3-24W, EPISTAR SMD 2835, 240-2400lm, PF>0.9, best replacement for CFL and Incandescent Lamps.

Dustproof LED Corn Light

Dustproof LED Corn Lights use EPISTAR SMD5630 LED, 85-265VAC, IP64, which are use in outdoor lighting applications.


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