ENDL-19W-06 LED Down Lights in India

ENDL-19W-06 LED Down Lights in India
ENDL-19W-06 LED Down Lights
LED Down Lights in India

Country: India

City: New Delhi

Project name:  Max Balaji Hospital

Date: 2012-01-12

Model: ENDL-19W-06

Quantity: 524 pcs

This is a project for Max Balaji, a local hospital located in New Delhi, India. It is a rather complex project and cost our design group for a long time. In this project, the general manager of this hospital required to use LED Down Lights with higher luminous flux. We spent 3 days on discussing what type of LED Down lights should be used. And another 7 days on making designs. This hospital has 4 levels. We created our designs separately for each level. The most difficult part is the ground. It has a round ceiling, and was decorated by traditional filament bulbs previously. The general manager of this hospital did not want to rebuild the ceiling. We had to replace the original filament bulbs with our LED Down Lights and meanwhile ensure an evenly distributed light intensity on the ground. Fortunately, we completed the entire design before the dead line and our client felt satisfied with our works. 

In response to our requests, he sent back the after-installation photos and feedback information to us. In this project, 524 pieces of ENDL-19W-06 were used. ENDL-19W-06 is a wide-beam-angle (90 degree) highly powered LED Down Lights with a reasonable price. As we expected, the passageway and the ground showed on photos have been sufficiently lit. There is no dark corner. “So far so good, none of them are failed. Thank you very much.” Said in one mail from this manager. We will continue to record the working conditions of these LED lamps. And try our best to give an immediate respond.

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