ENDL-19W-06 LED Down Lights in South Korea

ENDL-19W-06 LED Down Lights in South Korea
ENDL-19W-06 LED Down Light

Country: South Korea

City: Seoul

Project name: Furniture store

Date: 2011-11-11

Model: ENDL-19W-06

Quantity: 230 pcs

This was a project took place on 11th November 2011 in South Korea. This client needed us to help him decorating his new furniture store in a shopping center in Seoul. Previously, he had bought several LED Down Lights from a local LED distributor for trial. But the result could not make him satisfied. He was then introduced to us by one of his friends (another client of us in Korea). After two sample orders, he decided to use ENDL-19W-06. It is a type of high power high luminous flux LED Down Lights of us. The mounted depth of ENDL-19W-06 is only 62cm, due to the more advanced SMD technology. The final report showed that at least 230 pieces ENDL-19W-06s were needed, since this furniture store covered a pretty large area and had two levels.

The owner sent back to us two feedback photos two months later, from which we can see that all these lamps have been installed into positions as we designed and worked in normal conditions. At our requests, one is the close-up photo for a lamp bracket used to highlight a gift frame. This furniture store has been installed totally 12 lamp brackets like this one. It was a creative design from us: down lights used as spot lights. Since this store was relatively high, light emitted by spot lights are insufficient to bright the entire frame. Thus we designed 12 lamp brackets for ENDL-19W-06. Each bracket settled 4 lights. The owner was rather satisfied with this design.

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