ENDL-3P9W-01B LED Down Lights in Angola

ENDL-3P9W-01B LED Down Lights in Angola
ENDL-3P9W-01B LED Down Lights
LED Down Lights in Angola
LED DownLights
led downlight project
led downlight in Angola

Country: Angola

City: Luanda

Project name: Marinha Casino

Date: 2011-10-09

Model: ENDL-3P9W-01B

Quantity: 800 pcs

Marinha Casino is one of the most famous place in Luanda, Angola. More than 50,000 visitors would come to this Casino every year. 

In this project, we total install 800 pcs ENDL-3P9W-01B, 250 pcs ENDL-1P1W-01 and 300 pcs ENDL-1P3W-01, it takes about 15 days for all the installation work, also, as a most important project in Angola, the owner buy 900 units of Extra Transformers for future replacement, which would be needed after 2 or 3 years later.

Gambling is not very good thing, but the responsibility of Eneltec is "brighen your ideas". The owner tell us, he have several Casinos througout the world, but only this new Marinha Casino install LED Lights. All these LED Down Lights would make the Casino very modern and luxurious, which make his business goes on very well. 

As the Marinha Casino opens 24 hours, so the quality and lifespan of the Lightings are very very important. This is another reason they use LED Down Lights and Eneltec as their Lighting solution supplier. After a trial operation of 3 months, no LED Down Lights were broken, working pretty well.

Another interesting thing during this order, Angola has a special custom rule, every shipment of Lightings by air should be less than 200kg. So we divided this order into 2 shipments, it makes us a lot of additional cost in the shipment, but the most important thing is that, our customers could receive our products on time.

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