ENDL-5P5W-02A LED Down Lights in China

ENDL-5P5W-02A LED Down Light
ENDL-5P5W-02A LED Down Lights in China
LED Down Light
led downlight project

Country: China

City: Shanghai

Project name: Yuehao Hotel

Date: 2012-03-12

Model: ENDL-5P5W-02A

Quantity: 280 pcs

Yuehao Hotel is a famous hotel in Shanghai, well known as Wedding Ceremony Hotel. 

As the hotel is mainly used for Wedding Ceremony, so the most important thing is making the room bright and clean. After the installation of 280 pcs ENDL-5P5W-02A, the lux reach 500lux, CRI>80. 

Compared with other hotels, normally, they would install 3W down lights, the lumen is 25% less than our ENDL-5P5W-02A, if the lux is not high enough, the people in the room would not feel clear and clean, as a holy Ceremony, I really think the wedding should be held in high lux rooms.

Also, it's getting warmer and warmer, if we use halogen lamps, all the people attending the Wedding Ceremony would get wet. As we all konwn, LED is a cool lighting system, the output heat of LED Lighting products would be very little compared with halogen lamps. This would also save the power consumption of air conditional system.  

The owner of Yuehao Hotel have a big group of Real Estate. So, after this demo project, they are planing to install more than 500,000 LED Down Lights in all the building of their projects. Also, they have some projects in London Olympic Games. So, in the near future, we would do a lot of designs for the projects in UK. How during the London Olympic Games, our customers throughout the world would see LED Lighting products of Eneltec on TV.

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