ENDL-6P6W-02A LED Down Lights in Colombia

ENDL-6P6W-02A LED Down Lights in Colombia
ENDL-6P6W-02A LED Down Lights

Country: Colombia

City: Bogota

Project name:  Centro Empresarial Shopping Mall

Date: 2010-03-12

Model: ENDL-6P6W-02A

Quantity: 64 pcs

In this project, we are required to make a lighting design for Centro Empresarial Shopping Mall located in Bogota, Colombia. It is a medium-sized shopping mall, and we only have to decorate two places in it: a jewelry shop and the manager office. During the communications, the manager indicated several times that he want to use LED lighting products with more powerful energy-saving capabilities. According to his requests, we decided to use 64 pieces of ENDL-6P6W-02A. ENDL-6P6W-02A is an early LED product of us, uses Epistar LED chips. The most important feature of it is its powerful energy-saving capability. The lighting broad of ENDL-6P6W-02A is constituted by six LED chips, each of which has a power consumption of 1W. The total power consumption is 6W and the total output luminous flux is 455lm. When we sent our design to this client, he felt satisfied. One month later, we received the feedback information from him. In his letter he expressed his appreciate for us. “Much brighter than we expected.” This is a project happened in March 2010. In the end of 2011 we received one mail from this client claimed that one of these LED High Down Light was failed and sent us photo as proof. We contacted with the production department immediately. 2 days later, we mail him a new ENDL-6P6W-02A. When we received the broken lamp sent back from him, we did a series of the examinations and finally found the problem: the power supplier is overheated. Now we have improved the internal circuit of the power supplier of this product. Express our apologize to this client. We promise to improve our products continuously to keep the fault rate as low as possible.More information, please click LED Down Lights.


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