ENDL-6W-03 LED Down Lights in Taiwan

ENDL-6W-03 LED Down Lights
ENDL-6W-03 LED Down Lights in Taiwan
LED Down Lights in Taiwan

Country: Taiwan

City: Taipei

Project name: Show room of Design company

Date: 2011-02-21

Model: ENDL-6W-03

Quantity: 30 pcs

This was a small project happened on 21st February 2011. In this project we were required to design the lighting decoration for a Show Room of an interior design firm located in Taipei. This “apartment” only contained 3 rooms (one living room, one kitchen and one dining room), with around 300 square meters. The person who contacted with us is the director of the design department of this firm. He found us though “DirectIndustry”. He described this show room in detail and sent us three photos by Email. This “apartment” was designed in western contracted style. A black-white tonal made the space look bigger, colder and dimmer. “Most of our customers are top officers or well-paid people. They value life qualities more than economic practicalities. Thus we want our rooms to be lit by the most advanced lighting technology in the world.” Said in one of his mail. Within the entire showing space, lamps have become products not accessory tools. Thus we determined to use LED Down Lights instead of LED Spotlights. After two sample orders, they chose to use ENDL-6W-03. ENDL-03 is the latest innovation of our LED Down Lights, using more sophisticated SMD technology. It has higher lighting efficiency and much thinner. A 6W lamp can have a luminous flux of 340lm (equivalent to 15W halogens), very suitable for residential lighting.

The director and his workers installed these lamps followed our instructions and obtained a satisfactory result. He sent back three after-installing photos at our requests. So far these lamps were working in good conditions. This client contacted with us recently and required to install LED lighting products in the rest show rooms.

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