ENDL-8W-01A LED Down Lights in Australia

ENDL-8W-01A LED Down Lights in Australia
ENDL-8W-01A LED Down Light

Country: Australia

City: Sydney

Project name: Raw Passion Diamond Collection

Date: 2012-3-22

Model: ENDL-8W-01A

Quantity: 95 pcs

This was a project happened on 22th March this year. In this project, we were requested to design the luminaire arrangement for a jewelry store (Raw Passion Diamond Collection) located in a shopping mall in Sydney. This store was small and boutique, although had two levels: ground floor and underground floor. The owner had a tight budget for lighting decorations. According to his requirements, we recommended him to use ENDL-8W-01A. It is one of our products that have the highest cost-effective. Aluminous alloy cover, 8W power consumption, 445lm luminous flux (equivalent to 20W-25W halogens), only cost 20.60 USD per each. After one sample order, the owner felt rather satisfied with our products and invited us to help him finishing this project.

From the feedback photos we can see that all these lamps were in good conditions. At first, we still worried about the light intensity could not achieve the desired results, especially for the underground level. However, in consideration of the limited budget and the aesthetics, we dared not to set too many lamps there, either. When we received the feedback photos, we smiled with relief. The final results were much better than our expected. Since the wavelength of light within a very small range, LED lamps have much better penetrability than other lamps. 8W LED Down Lights can completely replace 20W halogens. In cooling effect and reliability aspects, ENDL-8W-01A also has good performance. We will keep in touch with this client to record the working conditions of these lamps.

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