ENEP-100W-01 LED Explosion Proof Lights in China

ENEP-100W-01 LED Explosion Proof Lights in China
ENEP-100W-01 LED Explosion Proof Lights

Country: China

City: Shanghai

Project name:  Sinopec Gas Station

Date: 2011-10-12

Model: ENEP-100W-01

Quantity: 12 pcs

This is project happened on 12th October, 2011. In this project, we made a design for Sinopec Gas Station, a gas station located in Shanghai by using 12 pieces LED Explosion Proof Lights (LEDEP). This is our first project for gas station. LEDEP can be used in places where may probably have explosions, like gas stations, undermines, underground constructions, etc. LEDEP has not only higher dust and water proof index, but also explosion proof index, which cannot be realized by other LED lighting products. Before the design, we sent our design group and other two engineers to examine the site. Since this station is located in a remote region and surrounded by three building sites and one stone factory, dust content in the air is much higher than other places. In consideration of such low visibility, our design group decided to use a high power LED: ENEP-100W-01 (with a power consumption of 100W). 

Originally, we intended to distribute the light evenly to cover the entire region of this gas station (three rows, four lamps for each row). But soon we changed our mind. This gas station has four oil tanks. All of them are sattled in the middle area. In order to realize the concentrated lighting effect, we rearranged lamps in the middle area. From the feedback photo sent by this client we can see that the luminous flux is sufficient and the lighting effect also meet our requirements. We will continuously record the working conditions of these lamps. 

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