ENEP-120W-01 LED Explosion Proof Lights in United Arab Emirates

ENEP-120W-01 LED Explosion Proof Lights in United Arab Emirates
ENEP-120W-01 LED Explosion Proof Lights
LED Explosion Proof Lights
LED Explosion Proof Lights in United Arab Emirates
LED Explosion Proof Lights
LED Explosion Proof Lights

Country: United Arab Emirates

City: Dubai

Project name:  AABAR

Date: 2012-01-30

Model: ENEP-120W-01

Quantity: 782 pcs


The project was used in the AABAR project, which can be seen from the pictures. The customer required LED lights which has the function of anti-explosion,dustproof,and they told us that safety is the most important. Therefore, we suggest them using ENEP-120W-01, IP grade is IP67, 6 means to completely prevent the intrusion of dust, and 7 means to prevent the invasion of water invasion lamps, even under the pressure conditions of submerging in water, it can ensure the normal operation of lamps. So the Dubai customer purchased 782 pieces without any doubt.According to their feedback, most of the explosion proof lights set well on this projects. and helped him a lot. 

The features of Explosion proof light is:

Explosion-proof function: it is passed the national authority certificatoin on explosion proof,and the maximum explosion proof rating.It is completely produced in accordance with national standards for explosion proof, so it can be workabel on flammabel and explosive.

Luminous energy-saving efficiency: Transparency selection of modern lighting and optical principle of optimal design. illumination uniformity, soft lighting, no glare, ghosting, and effectively prevent the construction workers who have a sense of discomfort and fatigue.

Application Environment: selection of high-intensity gas as the light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, average life expectancy up to 10,000 hours; power factor greater than 0.9, high luminous efficiency.

Reliable and convenient: the use of high-strength aluminum alloy, high-tech surface coating process and sealed, waterproof and dustproof, wear corrosion; and could be used in every situation, such as hot and humid and corrosive and harsh environments.

Installation: good compatible electromagnetic, and will not cause interference to the surrounding environment. The sophisticated structural design and thermal performance effectively reduced the temperature of the lamp body and to improved the life of the lamp; light weight, small size, compact and beautiful, easy to operate.

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