ENFL-120W-01 LED Flood Lights in Denmark

ENFL-120W-01 LED Flood Lights in Denmark

Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

Project name: Blue Water Shipping

Date: 2012-04-11

Model: ENFL-120W-01

Quantity: 20 pcs

Blue Water Shipping is a famous global shipping company. They are mainly interested in the outdoor LED Lighting Products, now, they install thousands of flood lights in their buildings and ships. 

As a modern and rich country, Denmark customers buy a lot of LED products, such as LED Street Lights, LED Down Lights and LED High Bay Lights. The trial project is in Copenhagen, Denmark, the owner of Blue Water Shipping Denmark buy 20 pcs of ENFL-120W-01, Cool white, using for the Pole Flood Lighting. As the ENFL-120W-01 is IP67, the Blue Water Shipping are planning to use them also on the marines.

As the economy keep on going down, more and more customers focus on the the energy saving points of LED Lights. Also, about the LED FLood Lights for marine use, as the customers asked for 24VDC power supply with batteries, we updated these LED FLood Lights and make it working on well with the low voltage operation. 

After the installation and testing, our customer see the report with 30% lumen higher, and also more than 60% energy saving. This is a very good result compared with traditional HID Lamps. 

Meanwhile, Blue watere Shipping is start negotataion with our purchasing department for the transportatoin cooperation, especially the sea shippings. Presently, Eneltec have several transportation partners as DHL, Fedex, but we also think, Blue watere Shipping would be a realiable sea shipping suppler.

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