ENFL-120W-01 LED Flood Lights in Malaysia

ENFL-120W-01 LED Flood Lights in Malaysia

Country: Malaysia

City: Malacca

Project name: Wachai Road

Date: 2011-04-11

Model: ENFL-120W-01

Quantity: 180 pcs

This project was happened on 11th April 2011. In this project we were asked to give a design for Wachai Road by using LED Flood Lights in Malacca, Malaysia. Wachai Road located on the south east part of Malacca, beside which located the largest stadium of this city: Malacca Stadium. Unlike ordinary road lighting projects, lighting for Wachai Road need not only to provide lights for pedestrians and vehicles but also to provide sufficient lumination for nearby Malacca Stadium. That is the reason why LED Flood Lights were used rather than LED Street Lights. After design, 180 pieces ENFL-120W-01 were applied along this road. Since this project is very special, Eneltec sent out 3 technicians there to help them in installation. Each lamps had a horizontal inclination of 60 Degrees (around 65% lights were emitted directly on the road and 35% were used as building lighting). In order to improving the light penetrability, we use a typically designed small-beam external lens, which can concentrate the light and increase the lighting intensity. 

Two months later, we received one “thank you” Email from the client (director of this project). In which he said “So far so good, all of them are in well working conditions. Our engineers satisfied with the quality of your products. Hope we can have further co-operations.” Thank you for this client to provide us with useful feedback information. As a matter of fact, this project was a bold attempt of us. Fortunately, it was successful finally. We obtained many precious experiences from this project. 

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