ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 LED Par Lights in Slovakia

ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 LED Par Lights in Slovakia
ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 LED Par Lights

Country: Slovakia

City: Bratislava

Project name: Central Bar

Date: 2011-04-08

Model: ENRLF-2P12WG53-01

Quantity: 85 pcs

ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 par lights are first used in the project of Central Bar on April, 8th, 2011.

Its strength and characteristic:

1, It adopts excellent quality, high luminous efficiency LEDs. It is not only brightness, but also high color rendering index Ra, which can reach more than 80 light-emitting. It is close to natural light and good to maintain the eyes of people.

2, Well-designed power supply,stringent selection of components, and strictly control the quality of consumption to ensure that the use of the product life.

3, LED par lamp, bulb lamp adopt the latest plug FIN technology bulky radiator, cooling effect. The shape is still beautiful, and the cooling performance is better than the cast aluminum and aluminum device. The Radiator used 6063 quality aluminum, thermal properties and greatly reduce the light fades, and ensured the LED lifespan.

They are widely used in the supermarket, hotel, exhibition hall, museum etc indoor illumination. We use advanced fin-circle buckled technology for our Par spot light, solder the fins and the aluminum light body together,so the light can radiate heat through high density fins, cool the high temperature of the light, decrease the LED decay and improve the lifetime.

We have two years warranty, so it ensured the quality of our LED light to some extent, and also satisfy our most customers. During the using period, we received our customers praise letters,"good light", which gives us more energy in the LED industry.

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