ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 LED Par Lights in Taiwan

ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 LED Par Lights in Taiwan
ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 LED Par Lights

Country: Taiwan

City: Kaohsiung

Project name: Kaohsiung Shopping Mall

Date: 2011-08-02

Model: ENRLF-2P12WG53-01

Quantity: 155 pcs

Taiwan Country is a production base of Eneltec Group. Our customer in Taiwan Kaohsiung directly bought 155 pieces ENRLF-2P12WG53-01 from our Taiwan production base on August 2nd, 2011.

The shape is very beautiful, and the luminaire is very high, so the customer like it very much. Unkown about how to install, we told him that it can be intalled in very places, and make sure the power and frequency to adapt power supply,and to connect correct lighting and then turn on. When you wash the lamp shade, please make sure the power have already turned off, and then using the special cleanout fluid or alcohol to clean it. About the maintenance,first,A shunt protection.  A normal par light is divided into many cascaded slip. For example, 24V voltage, we usually using seven LED light bead phase cascaded in addition with a resistance constitute. The current is 17~19mA. As needed, we can choose an integer multiple 7 light beads to be combined into a whole lamp. We can also add a PTC element in front of each branch to protect. The benefits of this aproach have the high accuracy and reliability of protection. Second, Overall protection. To add a PTC element in front of all light bead and to protect the whole lamp. The benefits of this approach is simple, and not occupy volume. In household products, we generally choose this way as this protection is satisfactory i the actual use of the results. After a series explanation, our customer are very satisfied to us.

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