ENPL-30120-01A LED Panel Lights in Belgium

ENPL-30120-01A LED Panel Lights in Belgium

Country: Belgium

City: Antwerp

Project name: Antwerp Central Hospital

Date: 2011-07-02

Model: ENPL-30120-01A

Quantity: 380 pcs

On July,2nd 2011, Antwerp Central Hospital applied Eneltec's product of ENPL-30120-01A.They purchased 380 pieces for installing in the hospital, which brighten all the places of the hospital even the corner.

LED panel light is a kind of beauty,high-grade indoor lighting, with its external border made by aluminum alloy. The entire lighting design is a beautiful and simple,luxirious atmostphere,which brings a beautiful feeling. The unique design,and high transmittance of the light guide plate to form a homogeneous plane glow illumination uniformity, soft lighting, comfortabel and bright can effectivey relieve eye fatigue.

From the aspect of the green lighting design,the material of LED panel light is environmental protection,power consumption,and luminous efficiency.It can gradually replace wtih T8 fluorescent light Grille. The LED panel lamp life is 10 times that of fluorescent lamps.At a result, our customer determinedly purchased panel light after they bought some samples to test.

As we all know, hospital needs a good environment for patient and relatives, as it has a lot of emergencies. LED panel light can bring a proper environment. When the relatives are urgently waiting in the outside of ward,the LED light can keep the feeling of relatives calm down, and also relieve patient pain.

On the LED panel lights, LED lighting source is a high hardness resin light instead of turgsten glass, not easily damaged, so the vibration force is relatively high and adaptable to ambient temperature.

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