ENPL-6060-01A LED Panels in New York

ENPL-6060-01A LED Panels in New York
ENPL-6060-01A LED Panels
LED Panels in New York

Country: USA

City: New York

Project name: Western Shopping Mall

Date: 2011-04-23

Model: ENPL-6060-01A

Quantity: 553 pcs

As we all know, LED Tubes could replace the fluorescent tubes, but if you care about the lighting feelings and have enough budget, you could replace the whole lighting fixture by LED Panels.

We had a project in New York last year. Before the replacement, it used to install 3 units of 18W fluorescent tubes. As the owner need better lighting feeling and lower power consumption, we recommend them ENPL-6060-01A.

As the Shopping Mall is more than 5000 square meters, we install about 553 pcs of ENPL-6060-01A. After the installation, the testing result shows that the energy saving rate is about 35%, meanwhile, 15% lux level higher. 

Also, in some area of the shopping mall, the LED Panels are installed with sound tester, which could control the on/off automatically. In the future projects of this owner, if he need the LED Panels be dimmerable, we could also updated the models with dimmerable function, ENPL-6060-01AD.

6 months after the LED panels installation, the owner informed us that, as the improvement of lighting feelings, the total turn over of the shopping mall increased about 15%. This is really a surprising number that nobody ever expected. Because the cost of LED Panels is so little compared with the increasement of turn over. After this successful project, the owner planned to replace all the traditional lamps by led products, like LED Flood Lights, LED Down Lights, LED High Bay Lights.

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