ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes in Hague

ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes in Hague
ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes

Country: Netherlands

City: Hague

Project name: Haaima Parking Lot

Date: 2011-03-29

Model: ENLT-T8120SMD-01

Quantity: 84 pcs

LED Tubes can be used in many places: offices, supermarkets, hospitals, factories, parking lots, etc. It is a more sophisticated lighting technology than traditional fluorescent tubes, more environmental friendly and can save more energy. In most western countries, the applying of LED lighting technology is supported by government. 

This project happened in Hague, Netherlands on 29th March 2011. Managers of Haaima shopping center needed us to provide an illumination design for their one-level parking lot. In order to follow government policies and enforce environmental awareness, they decided to replace previously used fluorescent tubes (1.2m) with LED tubes. After calculations, 84 pieces of ENLT-T8120SMD-01s were arranged on the ceiling of this parking lot. During the communications with the contact person, we learned that they previously used 1.2m 40W Conventional Fluorescent Tubes, which had a luminous flux approximately 1600lm. Currently, we have two different T8 Tubes: 01 series and 02 series. In terms of 1.2m T8 Tubes, 01 series (1530lm) is brighter than 02 series (1300lm). But 01 series can only be made in narrow voltage ranges while 02 series can be made in wide voltage ranges. In order to improve the lighting effect, we chose to use dual-tube mode: install two tubes in parallel. From the feedback photos we noticed that this mode is rather effective. In the manager’s words: it is much brighter than fluorescent tubes and generate less noisy. Our customers gave out positive feedback. 

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