ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes in Leeuwarden

ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes in Leeuwarden
ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes
LED Tubes in Leeuwarden

Country: Netherlands

City: Leeuwarden

Project name: Oldehove Parking Lot

Date: 2012-02-23

Model: ENLT-T8120SMD-01

Quantity: 124 pcs

De Oldehove is an unfinished church tower in the medieval centre of the Dutch city of Leeuwarden. Now it has become one of the famous historic interests in Netherlands.

The administrator Mr. Halbe Zijlstra, also the vice Minister of the national cultural sector, found us through the internet. Netherlands had plan a series of support policies for environmental protection. In order to give a positive respond to these support policies and enhance people’s environmental protection awareness. Mr. Halbe Zijlstra decided to use more advanced and more environmental friendly LED lighting technology for the parking lot of De Oldehove and sent one of his secretaries to communicate with us. It was our pleasure to be responsible for such projects. According to our past experiences, LED Tubes is the most suitable lighting technology for parking lots. Not only providing sufficient light (wide beam angle), but also having higher cost-effective. 

However, some episode occurred within this project. Three months after the installation, the contact person sent an urgent mail to us and proclaimed that one of these tubes had obvious light attenuation. We responded immediately: re-sent a new tube and recycled the failed tube. After examinations, we found that the cooling section of this tube was loose during the delivery, leading to an abnormal working condition of LED chips in this tube. As we all know, if LEDs continuously work in high temperatures, they will suffer light attenuation, and consequently reduce their service life quickly. This degeneration is unrecoverable.

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