ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes in Miami

ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes in Miami
ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes
LED Tubes in Miami

Country: USA

City: Miami

Project name: Grand Parking Lot

Date: 2011-05-19

Model: ENLT-T8120SMD-01

Quantity: 353 pcs

This was a project that happened in on 19th May 2011. In this project we were required to design the illumination for the grand Parking lot for a housing complex. The newly-built construction located in one of the busiest parts of Miami, typically for wealthier consumers. The owner intended to use the most advanced lighting technology for lighting. Before this project, he had invited us to install LED Down Lights in corridors and the hall. In that project, totally 1083 pieces ENDL-15W-06s and 454 pieces ENRLB-3P6WJDRE27-01Bs were used. This client felt rather satisfied and invited us to help him achieving the rest design for parking lot lighting. 

As for parking lots, we always advised our clients to used LED Tubes (wider beam angle, higher cost-effective). Since it was a newly-built building, we had to take the design without any references. The entire process cost us nearly one week. This underground parking lot had two levels. In order to provide sufficient light, the amount of tubes that we applied was nearly 1.5 times than other projects for parking lot. And mounted small LED Spot Lights and LED Bars on some corners as auxiliary lights, applying focus lighting in each parking point.

When the owner received the final project report, he felt satisfied with the result and started this project immediately. Things went well through the entire installation process. The client also expressed his appreciation to use latterly. Until now, we still kept in touch with him to record the working conditions of these tubes gradually. 

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