ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes in Shenzhen

ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes in Shenzhen
ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes

Country: China

City: Shenzhen

Project name: Parking Lot of Grand Hotel

Date: 2012-01-09

Model: ENLT-T8120SMD-01

Quantity: 345 pcs

In China Shenzhen, we sold 345 pieces of our model ENLT-T8120SMD-01.It used in the parking lot of Grand Hotel.

LED fluorescent tubes is low technological content of products,so it influx many small businesses. Market male mold parts are very common, and a lot of spare parts are universal. Small business start processing in order to reduce costs, and also makes the phenomenon of product homogeneity more and more serious, more intense price war. Corporate profits in the price war is increasingly diluted,and few companies can come up with funds to carry out long-term R & D.The development of enterprises rely on how to control the production costs and increasing sales.It is clear that with this mode of thinking to do LED interior products, it will make marketing and industry chaotic.

Application market for conventional indoor lighting, indoor LED lamps can not escape the existing sales channels. Whether you are new lamps or not, as long as the target customer is the same, product from the manufacturer to the user through the process should be the same.Right now, public consider most is how to replace the existing light sources, including incandescent lamp, glass lamp,and so on. While the sales channels for these light has been formed and fixed. Indoor LED lamps are bound to go through these existing sales channels.LED as a light source, because its cost is too high, if we rely on the advantages of the luminous efficiency and lifetime,it is difficult to enter the mass market. But we should pay more attention to existing lighting channels for the understanding and acceptance of LED lighting, because most of the alternative light source is to go through existing market channels into millions of households. By the way, most valued people already believed in LED products. 

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