ENLT-T8150SMD-01 LED Tubes in Seattle

ENLT-T8150SMD-01 LED Tubes in Seattle
ENLT-T8150SMD-01 LED Tubes
LED Tubes in Seattle

Country: USA

City: Seattle

Project name: Shipping Agent Office

Date: 2011-04-23

Model: ENLT-T8150SMD-01

Quantity: 88 pcs

Seattle is a big city of north-west USA, many big companies are located in it, such as Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft. As a modern city, Seattle has a big demand for led lighting products like LED Down Lights, LED Street Lights and LED Tubes.

In this project, our customer has a very beautiful office with about 100 fluorescent tubes, most of them are 5ft (150cm). As it's a shipping agent office, they are serving the customers thoughout the world, so the daily working time for the tubes are very long. So, energy saving is a very important problem for them.

Now, they are replacing the 5ft (150cm) fluorescent tubes with our ENLT-T8150SMD-01, the test result of the lux is about 350 lux, which is much higher than the it used to be. During the testing, the custom find there are some additional good points of our LED Tubes, such as no noise polution, no flicking, no heat creating. All of these make the customer feel satisfied.

Also, as this office is a important building, whenever our customers in USA want to see some real projects, we would introduce them to visit this project with LED Tubes. Otherwise, we plan to install some other led productions for a better demo showing, such as LED Tunnel Lights, LED High Bay Lights, LED Grow Lights, LED Spot Lights, LED Bulbs and LED Explosion Proof Lights, etc.

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