T8 LED Tubes

T8 LED Tubes

Power: 9watt-24Watt

Voltage: 85-265VAC

Lumens: 810-2640lm

Color: 2800-3200K / 4000-4500K / 6000-6500K

Beam Angle: 120°

Warranty: 60 Months

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Product Overview: 

9watt - 24 Watt T8 LED Tubes 810-2640lm With Low MOQ

T8 LED Tubes are for replacing T8 or T10 fluorescent tubes in 60cm,120cm and 150cm for better energy saving and minimum maintenance cost.

LED tube widely used in the hotel, meeting room, offices , hospital , schools , factories , commercial lighting , shopping malls, supermarkets, kitchen, diaplay, backlight, home indoor lighting and so on. 

T8 LED Tubes

T8 LED Tubes

T8 LED Tubes

T8 LED Tubes

T8 LED Tubes

T8 LED Tubes

T8 LED Tubes

LED tube light Features:

1. Replace 40W/60W traditional fluorescent lamps.

2. High lumens and energy saving 60%-80%.

3. Isolated constant current driver with long lifespan.

4. Large beam angle 240°,lighting uniformity no spot.

5. High quality light with a colour rendering index of 80.

No. Picture Model No. Voltage Lumen
Watts (W)  Beam
1  T8 LED Tubes ENLT-T8060-NI-03S 85-265VAC 810 9 120°  2800-3200K/    4000-4500K/  6000-6500K 
2  T8 LED Tubes ENLT-T8090-NI-03S 85-265VAC 1170 13 120°  2800-3200K/    4000-4500K/  6000-6500K 
3  T8 LED Tubes ENLT-T8120-NI-03S 85-265VAC 1620 18 120°  2800-3200K/    4000-4500K/  6000-6500K 
4  T8 LED Tubes ENLT-T8150-NI-03S 85-265VAC 2160 24 120°  2800-3200K/    4000-4500K/  6000-6500K 
5  T8 LED Tubes ENLT-T8060-I-03E 85-265VAC 990 9 120°  2800-3200K/    4000-4500K/  6000-6500K 
6  T8 LED Tubes ENLT-T8090-I-03E 85-265VAC 1430 13 120°  2800-3200K/    4000-4500K/  6000-6500K 
7  T8 LED Tubes ENLT-T8120-I-03E 85-265VAC 1980 18 120°  2800-3200K/    4000-4500K/  6000-6500K 
8  T8 LED Tubes ENLT-T8150-I-03E 85-265VAC 2640 24 120°  2800-3200K/    4000-4500K/  6000-6500K 


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