ENTL-100W-02 LED Tunnel Lights in Australia

ENTL-100W-02 LED Tunnel Lights in Australia
ENTL-100W-02 LED Tunnel Lights

Country: Australia

City: Sydney

Project name: Bland St. Parking

Date: 2012-04-02

Model: ENTL-100W-02

Quantity: 84 pcs

The customer purchased 84 pieces Tunnel Lights used in Bland St. Parking. LED Tunnel Lights is to aim at solving the issue of long time using of lighting, huge demand for lighting. ENTL-100W-02 build automatic control system. Once the car comes in, the light will turn on, and while the car comes out, the light will turn off.It achieved the lights according to the demand in order to reach better energy-saving effect.LED Tunnel Lights gather the infrared, microwave automatic sensitive system.It can set working mode in advance, the lighting will enter into the preset working mode.The system can in a great extent to save more energy on the premise of ensuring normal illumination.The Tunnel Lights can shape two-way cast light system,resulting surrounded cast lighting effects.The mirror reflector can make soft lighting, and be avoid the formation of glare.The full use of beam will let driver feel the road width,and clear outline of the vehicle.So it is effective to solve the black hole effect.The lamp base and box we adopted is aluminum alloy, which is light and sturdy, durability,easy installation,cleaning and maintenance. It can be widely used in door parking a lot or other hall, hotels and other places.Its unique and innovative streamlined appearance of the structure is compact and beautiful, which is most attracted by most of consumer people.As considered above factors, our customer bought total 84pcs for parking use. And his feedback is to purchase more as Australia is a large market for LED lighting.More Informations, please click LED Tunnel Lights.


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