ENTL-120W-02 LED Tunnel Light in Australia

ENTL-120W-02 LED Tunnel Light in Australia

Country: Australia

City: Melbourne

Project name: Rosanna Roofing Warehouse

Date: 2011-7-5

Model: ENTL-120W-02

Quantity: 50 pcs

In this project, the owner use our ENTL-120W-02 tunnel light as the lighting fixtures at all the warehouse gates.

LED tunnel light is a king of tunnel lights, which is applied to the tunnel, workship,diggings lighting warehouse, metro, plant and other places. High power LED tunnel lights 

places a lage area of flash lighting. It is most suitable for the urban landscape, billboards, building facades as landscape lighting.With the rapid development of the global 

road transportation construction, the building of tunnel and road size has insteadly been increased.Therefore, combined with advanced control method, a new generation and 

trend of high luminous efficency, good instability, long life light source will emerge.

The led tunnel lamp can work in long term, the lamp holder and outer shell use aluminum alloy for heat sinking, the matched reflection cup surface is aluminum-plating 

membrane, less astigmatism and even brightness. According to the characteristic of road lighting that we design,It like a chiropter shape,which is better to make the place 

more brighter. The diaphanous surface we use the good light-admitting and high quality toughened glass, all other components use the stainless steel material, it is dustproof, 

water-resistant and rust prevention. Our advantages are long life time and green environment benefit. the most main characteristic is super energy saving.

The Special Features that make most comstomers feel confortable is: Proprietary housing design for best thermal management and lumen maintenance,ideal for landscape 

and architecture lighting, Excellent heat sinking design and so on.

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