2015 China LED lighting penetration will reach 50%

  Recent research, Philips, Cree, ENELTEC other brand manufacturers have launched more cheap new LED bulb, LED lighting penetration into the rapid increase of international manufacturers universally Outlook 2015 LED lighting penetration will reach 50% .

2015 China LED lighting penetration will reach 50%

  Japan and the United States, Europe and other LED lighting manufacturer believes that the current individual commercial LED lighting luminous efficiency although only 80 lumens / watt, but 3,4 years 120 ~ 150 lumens / watt high-efficiency LED lights will be commercialized, then all of life product applications the total period of application of capital (bulb expense plus electricity) will be lower than the energy saving LED light bulbs. LED light manufacturer guessing the future to reach 200 ~ 300 lm / W will be around in 2020 can match purposes.

  Japanese machinery industry based combination would guess, 2030, LED / OLED lighting in Japan, indoor lighting penetration rate will reach 30%, accounting for 20% of total electricity for lighting, energy saving and carbon reduction benefits are concerned, there will be frugal 18.7 billion kwh (kilowatt-hours) of electricity for the year, or 7 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.


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