2015 India has 240 billion rupees LED Bulb Order

According to foreign media reports, the Indian government in October last year began promoting energy conservation, and strive to replace the existing 750 million incandescent bulbs with LED. However, due to the country's LED manufacturing industry started late, or about 240 billion rupees a large single LED bulb is likely to Whispering China.

2015 India has 240 billion rupees LED Bulb Order

Although compared with traditional lighting, LED lights cost more, but it itself has energy-saving, long life and other characteristics. Therefore, local businesses believe that the next two years, the Indian LED bulb market will be saturated.

It is reported that orders could eventually be upgraded to two billion energy-saving light bulbs, each at 120 rupee terms, total contract value is expected to reach 240 billion rupees.

Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) Secretary-General Said Praveen Khandelwal said the Indian LED industry status quo against the "Made in India" strategy proposed by Prime Minister Modi. Even large-scale LED manufacturers directly from Chinese imports of energy-saving light bulbs, do not have the capacity required by the market, let alone a small business. "Indian companies at least six months to improve productivity," he added.

While the Indian government announced a number of preferential policies and measures to promote the country's LED manufacturing industry, but a little too late. India has a lot of assembly, design and manufacture of LED lights companies, but the LED chips are imported.

"LED lighting market in India is still in its early growth stage, local businesses have not completely mastered the core components of the production technology, the next two years, the government will continue to encourage domestic manufacturing, drive market growth." Ajay Mathu, director of India's Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

Industry sources say that over the past five years (2010-2014) the growth of the Indian LED industry more than 50%, and is expected in the next five years (2015-2019) will sustain this growth rate, market size in 2021 is expected to exceed $ 2.2 billion.


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