2016 of LED lighting market remained stable

As hardware prices fell, LED applications popular in the lighting market. LED Lighting industry tend to feel that, in addition to household products, intelligent lighting systems and related equipment, is becoming the future rapid growth in product categories. In addition, the industry is expected in 2016 the lighting market will remain stable, while mainland China, Western Europe, ASEAN and North America is the largest market growth potential.

2016 of LED lighting market remained stable

Like with previous findings, mainland China is still the best growth prospects in the next two years the market, followed by Western Europe, ASEAN, North America, Taiwan, other Asian countries and Australia / Pacific Islands.

Products, in all respondents, 26% believe LED lighting and related environmental protection is the most growth potential in 2016 the product category, followed by other home lighting products (20%). However, with the lighting system products connected large intelligent lighting and lighting solutions, commercial lighting and outdoor lighting also received a higher rating, accounting for 15% of all respondents, respectively, 14% and 13%.

Many respondents believe that indoor home lighting, intelligent lighting systems, outdoor lighting and indoor office / commercial lighting are coming 1-3 years LED applications the most growth potential, accounting for 28% of respondents, respectively, 27 percent, 15% and 13%.


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