2019 Mini LED automotive application market will enter a period of rapid development

According to industry sources, the Mini LED automotive application, including HUD, dashboard and entertainment display backlights and rearview mirrors, will enter the high-speed development stage in 2019.

2019 Mini LED automotive application market will enter a period of rapid development

LED packaging company Rongchuang Energy Technology plans to provide Mini LED automotive modules in the automotive parts market in China, Taiwan and the United States in 2019.

Taiwan's Chuizhi integrated LED manufacturer Ronda Electronics has also developed I-Mini RGB (red, green, blue) LED automotive modules for instrument panel displays and taillights. According to Ronda Electronics, displays made from I-Mini RGB LED modules are superior to LCD displays in terms of thickness, brightness, temperature tolerance and sharpness under strong light. The taillights made of this module can also be customized for individual patterns.

In January 16-18, Everlight Electronics exhibited automotive taillights made of small-panel display Mini LED components at the Tokyo Electronic Components and Production Equipment Show. These taillights can display adjustable numbers and text. .

In addition to developing Micro LED technology, PlayNitride has also developed a Mini LED small pitch display module with a 0.6mm pitch. These modules can be stacked to form indoor, outdoor and automotive displays.

According to relevant data, the cost of the Mini LED backlight module for LCD displays is about $11-15 higher than that of a normal LED display, depending on the module size, yield, and number of chips used. However, this increase in cost is only a small percentage of the car BOM (bill of materials), so LCD car displays equipped with Mini LED backlights are acceptable.

Due to the lengthy certification process for OEM shipments, Mini LED automotive displays and backlight modules are expected to initially appear in the automotive parts market.


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