Advantages of intelligent lighting systems

In the building of the wisdom of the city wave, "Internet + traffic" in the vanguard position, however, there is no data between each other through the integration of the formation of the LAN island. Based on the solar street light controller intelligent lighting system is the application of large data and traditional solar LED lights combined with the Internet of things products. The use of computer technology, communication technology and sensor technology and other emerging technologies as the main features of the Internet of things and large data applications to solve the problem of urban road lighting management, with intelligent lighting, energy saving and environmental protection, technological innovation, the advantages of large data control, the future wisdom of the city's construction play a positive role.

Advantages of intelligent lighting systems

Intelligent lighting, is through the application of a new generation of information technology (inter-net / intarnet, Internet of Things, Zigbee, 3G / 4G) and wireless GPRS / CD-MA communication technology, to achieve remote control and management of lighting, Vehicle / traffic flow automatically adjust the brightness, remote lighting control, fault active alarm, lighting cable anti-theft, remote meter reading and other functions, can significantly save power resources, enhance the level of lighting management, saving operation and maintenance costs of emerging lighting mode.

(1) Intelligent lighting. The system is based on the continuous rainy day can operate the solar street light controller intelligent lighting system, is a solar energy control technology.

The system can intelligently adjust the output power, the use of intelligent sensor technology to achieve rainy days, haze days to enhance the brightness of the function. In the night can be induced vehicles and pedestrians to determine whether the lighting, so as to achieve the role of energy at night.

(2) Energy saving and environmental protection. Using light control + time control mode, the use of solar panels to provide power, and through the solar voltage to determine the day and night combined with time control to achieve precise control. The use of light to provide lighting, and through the light intensity adjustment to achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

(3) Technological innovation. The system uses the invention patent --- can be continuous rainy days in the operation of the solar street light controller. It can intelligently adjust the output power, and enhance the number of days against rain. Part of the hardware anti-short reverse of the program, played an anti-reverse, anti-lightning, accurate voltage sampling effect. The software part uses a number of independent research and development algorithm to solve the charging process of hot problems, improve the charging efficiency, extending the controller and battery life.

(4) Large data applications. The use of large data analysis and data applications, through the LED lights intelligent lighting system data acquisition can accurately collect street lamp failure problems, thereby reducing maintenance costs. But also can use the data and traffic lights linked to the system to play the role of traffic regulation.


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