Advantages of LED tunnel light applications

  LED tunnel light is a light efficiency energy saving lamps, high strength, gas discharge lamp as the light source, high luminous efficiency, long life can be achieved with different multipurpose mirror lighting; and after softening, and do not engender dizzy projects or other discomfort. Ballast selection overheating protection technology to ensure lamp life. Imported high purity anodized aluminum mirror reflector material made by precision optical design, power factor greater than 0.9, reflective, high efficiency, good transparency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Advantages of LED tunnel light applications

  LED tunnel light tunnel lighting with conventional contrast LED is a solid-state semiconductor devices, which can be converted directly into electricity to light, compared to the traditional road tunnel lighting (sodium, metal halide, etc.), LED light source has the following advantages:

  First, low light loss. In good cooling conditions, the front LED light loss is 10000h, before 10000h light fades to 3% a 10%, 30% before 50000h basic, far below the normal road lighting, LED more stable.

  Second, high CRI: general LED CRI is about 70 ~ 80, higher than trichromatic phosphor higher; generally HPS is 20 to 35, low pressure sodium lower, so even the traditional high brightness light source for LED, but the visual effect is worse than the LED, "not the brightest, but to see most clearly," this should be the development of an application of the LED light source direction.

  Third, life: Compared with the general road tunnel lighting, LED life span than is now generally higher than 50000H.

  Fourth, price. Although the prices of LED Tunnel Lights are higher than traditional lighting, but with the manufacturing technology matures, its price dropped significantly in constant current, the high and low pressure sodium lamps generally set the price of 2,000 RMB, while its cable and other accessories Price is higher than the LED cable and other expenses.

  In addition, LED lamps have a high maintenance factor, good safety performance, no flicker and energy saving advantages.


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