Can I choose LED lamps for tennis court lighting?

On September 12th, Beijing time, Djokovic won the third place in the US Open, thus earning a prize of 3.8 million US dollars, which made him the first place in the professional tennis player's total prize income of $119 million over Federer. The fourth round of the US Open Federer has a second round of total prize money of $117 million, and Nadal ranks third with 103 million.

Can I choose LED lamps for tennis court lighting

Compared with commercial lighting and home lighting, the special features of LED tennis lighting are: on the one hand, in order to protect the audience to watch the game, the TV station broadcasts and other functions, tennis lighting should ensure sufficient illumination; on the other hand, in terms of professionalism and the sensory experience requires a very high tennis court. The lighting should be bright and not glare, the brightness is even, and the external light can be effectively controlled to ensure that the tennis player can complete the game normally.

With the implementation of the national policy of nationwide fitness and building a strong sports country, the concept of protecting the environment, saving energy and reducing emissions is deeply rooted in people's minds. The advantages of LED lighting applied to tennis courts are further highlighted. Tennis lighting, China's sporting goods manufacturing industry is not eye-catching, it is using its bright and not dazzling light to illuminate the intelligent road ahead of the industry.


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