Chinese cities to carry out LED street lights replacement

Chinese cities to carry out LED street lights replacement

Taiwan uses nearly 1 billion RMB to transform LED street lights 

Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs to subsidize the local government nearly 5.5 billion RMB (NT, the same, equivalent to 992 million RMB) funding, before the end of 2016 will be 692,000 mercury lamp completely replaced by LED street lights .

Taiwan Provincial Executive Yuan last year in the nine-in-one election before the approval of "mercury street sunset plan", Taiwan Economic Development Minister Zhuo Shi Zhao said that the Ministry of Economy this year and two years to subsidize the county government total 5.49 billion RMB, which eliminates the mercury street lights to switch to LED street lights , saving 640 million degrees, reducing the 330,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Zhuhai investment 160 million start LED street lamp transformation

At the beginning of February, Zhuhai will start the second phase of public green lighting LED street lighting renovation project, the transformation range includes couple road, lemon road, Qian Shan interchange to the lake intersection and other roads and a total of 421 roads in the area, so totally about 37,000 transformers. A total investment of about 160 million RMB, plus the district itself is responsible for the transformation of the street lights, the second phase of the project to be converted about 60,000 lights.

Prior to this, the first phase of the main city of 241 roads in some areas of the street lights were modified, involving about 27,000 street lights, road grade, including expressway, main road, secondary roads and slip roads, lighting types, including street lamps and garden lights. A total of static investment of 88.9144 million RMB, has been completed by the end of 2013 transformation. The transformation of the annual energy savings of 12,816,200 kilowatt hours, energy saving rate of 65.25%.

Shenzhen 5300 LED street lights are "rapid" transformation

Recently, there are Longgang District Pinghu residents thumbs up for the street workers of side of the urban management. Pinghu street in the past few days accelerate the 22 "there are no lights" and 14 "lights do not shine" municipal road lighting transformation. The new installation of more than a thousand lights, has completed the first phase of more than 5300 LED street lights transformation.

Suzhou 1142 sets of palace lanterns overhaul urban 17 road into LED street lights 

On May 28, Suzhou City Palace lamp lights overhaul work officially kicked off, involving a total of 17 road and 1142 sets of street lights.

The lantern-type street lamp was installed in 2002. Since the beginning of 2012, the lighting department has carried out overhaul of the active lanterns in batches according to the year of use. The lamps and lanterns are re-sprayed and the aging organic panels are replaced. Lamps in the energy-saving lamps to replace the LED light source, sodium lamp ballast into electronic variable power ballast, so either be beautiful or in lower consumption.

Saddle street lights upgrade 25051 LED street lights , annual electricity savings of 3 million

Ma'anshan City, the energy-saving effect of the street lights in main city is obvious after upgrading to LED street lights , and compared to the traditional high-energy street lamps,  25051 LED street lights can save electricity 3 million RMB each year.

In addition, Taibai Avenue also used the latest scientific research: "Diamond" LED street lights . Street lamp management director He Fei introduced, 2010 street lamps have all used this "diamond" LED street lights . Much brighter than before with less electricity. Only the White Street lights can save electricity each year 30 Million RMB. The next step, the city lights management will be at the right time, the road gradually spread out the use of this "diamond" LED street lights .

Xingning facelift 1283 LED street lights by the end of September all "posts"

Xingning City, Guangdong Province, invested more than 900 million, on the station before the road, and mountains and rivers and other 13 roads (street) street lights to transform, replace or install 942 1283 LED street lights . This batch of LED street lights will all "posts" before the end of September.

It is understood that in recent years, Xingning City, the field of public lighting to increase the intensity of the transformation of light, the replacement of urban LED street lights is the city's key livelihood projects in a content. Since 2012, the city has invested more than 2800 million RMB, the transformation of urban public lighting lights 9025, accounting for 93.3% of the total number of tasks. After the transformation, the street lamp lit rate of 95% or more, street lamp energy saving rate of 55.3%, not only greatly enhance the level of urban lighting, the annual savings of more than 130 million electricity. Its social and economic benefits are obvious.

Wuhan 489 communities will all put on LED street lights 

In early June, Wuhan City Road Traffic Management Board informed the community to improve the lighting quality of the project progress, has now added 1036 lamp blocks, the project into the final stage.

According to reports, Wuhan City Center City, a total of 489 community to improve lighting quality project has entered the final stage. Up to now, the city's main city of new legislation lights 1036 cement rods, new energy-saving lamps 9698, LED lamps 636. There are 2396 lights completed in late June full.


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