Complete all classroom lighting renovations in Wenzhou within three years

On July 9, the reporter learned from the Wenzhou Municipal Education Bureau that in order to promote the children's and adolescents' "eyes" project and improve the classroom visual environment, Wenzhou City will ensure that 8,000 classroom lighting constructions will be completed by the end of August this year. The reporter learned that Lucheng District will complete the renovation of the lighting of 500 classrooms by the end of August. Up to now, the 500 lighting renovation model classrooms have started construction.

Complete all classroom lighting renovations in Wenzhou within three years

In order to improve the visual environment and strengthen the standardization of classroom lighting, Wenzhou City Education Department deployed it early. As early as 2014 and 2015, the Municipal Education Bureau reconstructed the classroom lighting of more than 10 municipal schools directly under Wenzhou Middle School, Wenzhou Ergao, Wenzhou Experimental High School, and Wenzhou Experimental Primary School; from 2016 to 2017 more than 3,500 classrooms in more than 200 rural schools in the city have undergone lighting renovation. Starting this year, it is planned to gradually upgrade the lighting and lighting of the remaining 24,000 classrooms in the city in three years.

At Maanchi Primary School, three lighting-renovated classrooms have been put into use in early June this year. "In the course of one month of use, children and teachers feel that the lighting is softer, the brightness of the light is more suitable for reading, and it is not easy to produce fatigue." Shen Jie, the principal of Ma'anchi Primary School, said, "The previous fluorescent lamps are brighter. However, the book paper is white, and it is easy to produce reflection under the illumination of the light. Therefore, after the transformation, the children and teachers have a good evaluation of the new lighting environment in the classroom."

In the next stage, Lucheng District will use the Maanchi Primary School lighting renovation model classroom as a template to accelerate the lighting renovation of relevant classrooms in accordance with the national standard "Sanitary Requirements for Lighting Design and Installation of Primary and Secondary Schools".


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