Desheng expressway light belt uses LED lights

Recently, the Desheng Expressway landscape lighting improvement and renovation project passed completion acceptance and was officially put into operation. This upgrading and reconstruction project starts from Shangtang River in the west and ends at the Shanghai-Kunming Railway in the east. The focus of the project is to highlight the characteristics of the bridge with light strips and effectively improve the illumination of the non-motorized road on the ground.

Desheng expressway light belt uses LED lights

For the space on the belly of the bridge, the project uses static warm light wall-wash lighting, which complements the cement gray on the belly of the bridge and looks as warm as jade. In addition, in order to avoid causing light pollution to surrounding residents, soft light sources were specially selected for the lighting fixtures, and diffuse reflection lighting methods were adopted.

It is worth mentioning that this upgrade and renovation incorporates the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection throughout. All energy-saving LED lighting products are used. On the basis of achieving brightness consistency, power consumption has dropped by 30%, greatly improving lighting efficiency and greenness, low carbon and energy saving.


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