DLC further improve light efficiency requirements

DLC started working on version 4.0 standard and recently released its first draft version of the standard. US time February 19, 2016, DLC officially announced the first 4.0 standard and gives the standard revision plan. The new standard is mainly focused on improving the light efficiency requirements.

DLC further improve light efficiency requirements

The purpose of this update is very simple, is to improve the efficiency, in addition to improving efficiency requirements other than light, DLC collect feedback on the following issues, relevant information can be directly fed back to the DLC:

1, the new requirements on current and developing products. DLC think there should be a considerable number of products have been discontinued, but some products should have upgraded the QPL. In assessing the impact of new products for manufacturers, manufacturers should take into account the new standard of the transition period, namely in January 2017 before the current standard certified product does not remove the column name.

2, the new standards on product costs. For DLC members, when determining the subsidy levels, cost of the product itself and influence purchase decisions also need to consider the key factors. But DLC lack of relevant data. If you believe that the new requirements would be cost-effective energy-saving products have a serious impact, DLC hope someone can provide different performance probably cost distribution for information. All such information will be treated as confidential DLC not disclosed.

3, increase the impact of light effect on the quality of products, including optical control. DLC understood that improve light efficiency may lead to other aspects of the trade-offs that may have a negative effect on the quality of the product. DLC find high-quality products but also often have a higher luminous efficacy. So there is hope that if DLC manufacturers believe that increasing light efficiency will reduce the quality of its products, namely DLC provide detailed information as comments as a reference. On the other hand, DLC can also collect ensure product quality assessment methods.

4, the color quality. With the TM-30 standard release, for the problem CRI transition to TM-30 launched a lot of discussion, but the DLC that the application of this standard is still too early. DLC consider requiring reporting of these parameters, if the manufacturer of the standard what advice can make comments to the DLC.

5, DLC this update has no plans to add new categories. About the new DLC will focus on the category of the study in the second quarter. Discussions on new features, such as toner, Power over Ethernet products will also be discussed in the second quarter. DLC Welcome to respond to these issues, but at the right time for research and discussion.


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