Does Plastic LED bulbs reliable?

In fact, LED bulb used in a large number of plastic parts, including encapsulating element LED chips, LED optical lens, the light scattering element, efficient cooling element, light reflecting and light diffusing panels.

Does Plastic LED bulbs reliable?

About LED lighting technology and plastics applications, the paper explore with everyone.

1, thermal plastic instead of traditional aluminum for the LED bulb cup, with a quality of light, more secure, and high design freedom, high-volume processing easier, more options, such as the advantages of the base resin, high hopes for the industry, more than manufacturers have introduced innovative products for this application.

2, the photochemical exhibited thermal material with PPS LED bulb cup.

3, Polyplastics has been exhibited at the CHINAPLAS temperature LCP as raw material to manufacture the bulb cup. According to the Managing Director of Polyplastics Trading (Shanghai) Masaaki Nakamura introduced, compared with other materials, the use of temperature LCP, Spotlight and more difficult to change.

4, LED tube cover (like fluorescent tubes bulbshade) market is also one of the important applications of plastics, mainly PC based.

5, LED chip packaging is also an important market for plastics applications, the CHINAPLAS, several injection machine supplier shows LED bracket injection techniques.


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