Dynamic LED lighting technology for fans to provide first-class experience of the game

Philips Lighting has announced that it has reached an agreement with the Spanish Serie A Sevilla club to upgrade its lighting system at Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium, which will host 42,500 spectators. The newly installed ArenaVision Stadium lighting system will meet the requirements of the latest international tournament organizers and broadcasters, including the Spanish 4K (Ultra HDTV) standard. Mobile stage color lighting fixtures and golf course lighting system, and LED display to create a spectacular pre-match light show and music performances. This will greatly enhance the game experience and stimulate the different forms of commercial venues business activities.

Dynamic LED lighting technology for fans to provide first-class experience of the game

"The partnership with Philips Lighting is an important part of the renovation work in the summer of 2015," said José Castro, president of the Seville Club. "It is also an important part of Raman Sanchez. We believe that lighting technology that meets the needs of televisions is critical and we are delighted that Philips Lighting will bring the latest technology to our stadium. "

The new lighting system will be installed this summer to greet the new season. The Philips ArenaVision lighting system includes 360 sets of Philips ArenaVisionLEDgen2 lamps and 8 sets of Philips Vari-Lite VL6000 mobile stage color lighting fixtures for recreational lighting. The entire system is controlled by the Philips NEO Stage Lighting Controller. The system offers the highest quality stadium lighting to meet the latest 4K televisions. The audience at home can enjoy the fine on-site details, enjoy the ultra-slow motion playback, from the traditional lighting system strobe troubles.

Unlike traditional stadium lighting requires a long warm-up time, the new LED lighting technology to give the club instantly light the function of the stadium. And can be selected according to the needs of some of the stadium area for custom control, the music and lighting linkage to create a brilliant show before the show and concerts. The system can also be remotely operated to save cumbersome work on site settings maintenance.

"The system is very suitable for Sevilla, it is Spain's oldest and most advanced team, but also a pioneer of new technology.The new stadium lighting system will provide the Spanish fans unprecedented presence," Philips Lighting Spanish and Portuguese chief executive Josep M. Martínez said. "It will help the stadium become the first choice for international major events, and there is no omission at home to watch the needs of the audience, they will be through the 4K ultra - high - definition screen appreciation of the players every action.

Philips Lighting will provide extended lighting services to the owners of the stadium. In addition to the 10-year extension warranty for LED floodlights, Philips Lighting will also provide project management and training for the Philips ArenaVision LED system. The training includes scene programming and handover services. Project management, commissioning, training and handover services will also meet the entertainment lighting requirements through a five-year, one-stop Philips Lifecycle System Service Management program.

Sevilla was in June 2017 and another with the new Philips ArenaVision LED Stadium lighting system and with the Philips VL6000 mobile stage color lighting club. The French team also chose the combination for its home Olympic Lyon Park stadium.


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