ENELTEC in Fiera Milano

ENELTEC in Fiera Milano

  Our main attention for this Fair is to present our industrial and commercial LED lighting,which include: LED Street Lights,LED Tunnel Lights, LED High Bay Lights,LED Downlights, LED Panel Lights.  And among of those products, LED street lights and LED downlights won the most attentions.

  Thanks to the quality and the service of company, we got a lot concerns in this Fair. More than 280 companies and Clients have consulted our products and our samples have been sold out at the end of the day. This is a huge confirmation for ENELTEC products.

  In the next days,we will have more contacts with the customers from Fair so to know their detailed requests and questions on our products.

  And we also see it as a great chance to win more customers in Europe. We are very satisfied with the result of this Fair!


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