ENELTEC LED light show in Hong Kong

  ENELTEC at this Hong Kong Lighting Fair will continue on the previous innovative and realistic , quality oriented philosophy, to independent research and development and production of products at the show will be presented one by one , which can be rotated downlights, track lights , and other new products will we bring more ideas and solutions.

ENELTEC LED light show in Hong Kong

  ENELTEC Hong Kong Lighting Fair in the current set foot on four main areas of lighting , one for road lighting, such as LED lights, tunnel lights , solar lights ; two as landscape lighting , such as outdoor decoration and landscape ; three of indoor commercial lighting , such as Grille , ceiling panel light , etc. ; four of workshops and other aspects of mining lamps lighting applications .

  ENELTEC Sales Manager says "The company was founded after , ENELTEC often participate in various places of the LED light show every time to get the harvest and enlightenment , the Hong Kong exhibition mainly European and American customers mostly, my company's customers are in many European and American developed here . ENELTEC will present the exhibition in Hong Kong to launch the latest products and technologies , hoping good use of this platform to customers and the industry showcase their latest products and results. welcome new and old friends to visit our booth , we will give you the most satisfaction in return . "

  Hong Kong International Lighting Fair organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council , has been held since 1999 , has successfully held the 14th and 2013 will hold its fifteenth session of the exhibition . Exhibition venue - Hong Kong as an international economic center, financial center, trade center, logistics center , the radiation of its own and the surrounding areas of active production and circulation activities, not only to attract Hong Kong , Taiwan and Mainland companies consisting of a large group of exhibitors , more attractive buyers from around the world . The excellent location and well-developed transportation, shorten the distance between Hong Kong and the world , complete infrastructure and comprehensive support services address the exhibitors and exhibition visitors meals, lodging worries. A large number of buyers and exhibitors , as well as innovative achievements of high trading volume in the exhibition prominence in the industry , the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair has become the largest trade show in Asia , ranking second .


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