ENELTEC LED panles to create a better office life

  ENELTEC LED PANEL suspension used in embedded mode and easy installation, it can be widely used independent office, open office, public space and meeting rooms and other office intervals. Meanwhile, the application of innovative lighting which has a patented matte white transparent mask, uniform thin acrylic material through the projection of the most efficient and comfortable light, give them a healthy and comfortable viewing experience.

 ENELTEC LED panles to create a better office life

  Green and efficient office space has become the trend of the times, while ENELTEC LED PANEL with unparalleled energy efficient features, to fully meet the needs of the user cost savings. Philips Lighting fixtures adhering section leading LED technology, with a combination of two power 30W/40W, the overall system efficiency of more than 90lm / w, relative to the normal 50% energy saving T5 system, users can save considerable electricity costs; simultaneously life of 50,000 hours, to ensure peace of mind for over 10 years, effectively reducing maintenance costs on weekdays.

  Compared with the traditional office lighting, high prices as a constraint to the field of LED lighting in the office popularity biggest obstacle. Based on the LED lighting market insight and LED technology continues to break, Philips Lighting the release of RC320C LED office lighting will completely break the price barrier for office space applications. In addition, compared with the traditional lighting, LED lamps ROI increased significantly, with 100 sets of lights as a unit, ENELTEC LED PANEL The payback period of 1.7 years, an unprecedented Transcend office space of infinite potential.


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