ENELTEC Outdoor Lighting Application Solution

The meaning of creating a quality life for thousands of people is far more than the goods themselves, and providing a safe and comfortable environment is not easy. Because this has a huge impact on the quality of life, it needs to be everything. For example, harsh outdoor conditions can affect the performance of small parts or the life of consumables.

ENELTEC Outdoor Lighting Application Solution

Therefore, for outdoor lighting, choosing LED components made by strong partners with many years of experience can help to complete the project. ENELTEC's LED product portfolio is extremely broad, from high-quality, high-performance solutions to extremely cost-effective products, which bring you unlimited possibilities. From functional lighting to decorative lighting, from tunnel lighting to garage lighting, from street lighting to architectural lighting, our LEDs excel in durability and long life.

Choose our best-selling DURIS? P and OSLON? Series to ensure you are always safe and secure. All products are packaged in high quality and equipped with integrated silicon lens, which guarantees stable performance even under harsh environmental conditions. At the same time, they are also waterproof, corrosion-resistant, dust-proof and so on, and their high quality will last the entire life cycle. They are designed for professional outdoor lighting and are perfect for all high-quality applications. All of this comes from our many years of experience in the lighting industry. We are here to help you escort your life.

As with all public agencies, local government urban planners are under increasing pressure to reduce costs when necessary. In addition, they must ensure durability and sustainability while reducing the carbon emissions of various new investments. Things such as decorative street lighting that attract the public's attention must not only meet the requirements of aesthetic value, but also play a role in improving the appearance of local town centers and attractions. In addition, it must meet the adaptive ability of the human eye and have a color rendering (CRI) of more than 70 to achieve pleasing effects. As with all designs and functions, lighting must be rugged and able to meet the challenges of external environments such as UV, chemicals and corrosion. This is why more and more people are choosing LED lighting systems for street lighting.

ENELTEC's outdoor LED lighting portfolio fully meets the requirements of lumens and color maintenance, ensuring a durable and trouble-free life cycle in decorative street lighting applications.


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