ENELTEC walks at the forefront of office LED lighting

  As a lighting company mainly focused on the high-grade lighting products in fashion minimalist style for long time, ENELTEC enjoys great popularity in the field of office lighting. The LED ceiling spotlights, LED panel lights, bracket lamps, ceiling lamps and  down lights and other products have also won favors from domestic customers by their good quality, complete variety, exquisite appearance and affordable price. Particularly, the lifespan of LED lamp could reach 50000 hours and it can save 80% more energy than fluorescent lamps. It is understood that the annual sale of ENELTEC is above 100,000, achieving an annual sale of more than 30 millions. More importantly ENELTEC Lighting Group is the advocate and practitioner of an advanced lighting concept.

ENELTEC walks at the forefront of office LED lighting

  The man in charging of ENELTEC Lighting Group told the reporters that the company has been able to win the development opportunities in the fierce competition of lighting industry due to the key factor that the company has taken the model of factory-direct-to-sale, which saves all the intermediate operating costs and makes the prices of ENELTEC lighting products more than 20% cheaper than the compared market prices. Meanwhile, the company also strictly controls the qualities of its products, which have won the national quality certification of CQC and the European quality system certification of CE successively.

  It has also participated in multi-brand OEM supplemented with a sound distribution network and excellent after-sale of service, thus reaching the final goal of achieving win-win with customers. Now ENELTEC Lighting Group has not only been highly recognized by domestic customers, but also exported to South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, the European Union and other countries and regions.

  For the current development status of the domestic office lighting, the man in charging of ENELTEC Lighting Group believes that currently there still exists a big gap on the understanding of office lighting between domestic companies and the Western countries. Many people would think that office lighting is a simple superposition of LED lamps, which can be arbitrarily placed. The truth is quite the opposite. Besides, in the domestic selection of LED lamps, the final decision factor is often price. In fact, the selection of lighting should be considered from a number of factors.

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