Experts say the LED will cause symptoms such as headache in Sweden

More and more families choose LED lights and office units, but lund institute of experts expressed worry, because the experiment proved that the leds on the market today will cause headache, concentration is reduced, the problem such as vision loss.

Experts say the LED will cause symptoms such as headache in Sweden

Six years ago, the Swedish market success of LED lights to replace old bulbs. Many families, the workplace and public places are beginning to use new energy-saving LED lamps. Innovative lamp technology offers the potential energy savings. However, the Lund Institute of Technology, Dr. Han Feilai experts expressed some concerns. Dr. Han Feilai year for fifty models on the Swedish market LED lamps to do the survey showed that the majority of product quality problems. He told the media that consumers can not judge for themselves the quality of these lamps, the price can not explain the problem. These quality problems are not caused by the LED technology, but assemble structural problems.

Many LED lights on the market use pulsed power, the cost is relatively cheap, while beneficial to adjust light levels, and extend the life of the lamp. However, it is not a continuous light, but at very high speed flashing, our eyes do not feel that only the brain and the retina can perceive. This can lead to headaches, decreased attention and vision loss.

Energy bureau staff this NiChi, according to the media on the issue for the government to improve seriously, the perfect legal laws and regulations, and let the unqualified products to disappear from the market.At the same time, he also stressed that the LED energy-saving lamp technology will be more and more good, and the old lights, LED lights of consumption is the one over ten, save energy and have a positive significance.


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