Future development of LED grow lights

Not long ago, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan Tagajō open to the media showed the world's largest LED (light emitting diode) Artificial Lighting Plant Factory. Entitled "The Future Hata" factory covers an area of ??about 2,300 square meters, using 17,500 LED lights, can be produced throughout the year, it is expected to harvest about 10,000 heads of lettuce a day. Not long ago, Fujitsu also announced that, after about a year of preparation, their own factory production plant lettuce low potassium start the market.

Future development of LED grow lights

Compared with traditional plant light LED plant lighting has obvious advantages of energy efficient. 2013 LED lamp plant costs have fallen sharply compared with 2010, when each lumen about NT $ 0.38, 1.8 in 2010 only 1/5, and thus promote the Philips, Osram, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and other international companies, have invested LED plant factory innovative applications, both LED and two agricultural industrial advantages of Taiwan, of course, do not want to miss the opportunity to add agricultural science and technology innovation, so that one hundred million yuan worth of corporate promotion.

Japan Plant Factory fastest growing country, the government first proposed in 2009, plant factory subsidy policy, causing the LED lighting used in market demand in this area, according to statistics, in 2009 the Japanese Plant Factory LED flat lighting demand of 1000, 311 in 2011 due to the earthquake stimulation on the red to 8850 units, although the recession last year and back to 2500, but PIDA believes that the future market demand in Japan will go up year after year is estimated to reach 3,200 this year, 2015 is expected to reach 9,000 2020 viewed 18,000 units.

Taiwan also began to smell the plant factory business opportunities, many LED industry have already begun to cut into the market in this area, in addition to crystal power, Everlight, there Formosa Epitaxy optical Ding, Wang Qi, light-Hung, the new century, the East Bay, etc., and CEPD from last year through the pipeline construction plant factory desire to promote Taiwan's agricultural activation.

However, Taiwan's densely populated, development space is limited, but to have a vast land and resources of Chinese mainland market is the various industry locked target. Chinese government has promulgated the "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan 863, although the total expenditure of only about 46.11 million (about 217 million of new units), but the plan will be the first time the "wisdom of the Plant Factory production technology research" included in research projects, seminars the seven projects, including plant factory LED energy-saving light application, LED lighting used in Chinese apparent opportunity to plant the plant is ready to rise.

After China's central government launched in China, the market optimistic about the local government to follow up the pace will be more active, and terms of generous government subsidies before the Chinese LED industry attitude, the next LED lighting new business opportunities in the field of plant factories led also to each eagerly awaited family business, is Taiwan LED plant under a niche market opportunities.

Past the high cost of LED lighting, factory plant and thus use more fluorescent tubes or high pressure sodium lamps with LED prices fall and technology upgrading, prompting a new wave of progress appears in the LED application of plant factories. China currently engaged in LED lamp manufacturers are not many plants, most are concentrated in Shenzhen.

At present, LED grow light market sales are concentrated in Japan, Korea, America, Europe and other persons engaged in agriculture fewer countries and regions.


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