Government reduce LED lighting subsidies

After 10 years of development, LED lighting has gradually entered a mature stage, the government is increasingly withdraw subsidies, media hype has disappeared, while their counterparts who live in the lighting industry, the need at this time to calm state of mind to look at the current situation and development of the whole industry.

Government reduce LED lighting subsidies

According to statistics, in 2014 domestic sales of lighting products, $ 84 billion, with exports of about $ 41.55 billion. Which, LED lighting products sales reached $ 15 billion, exports $ 9,000,000,000, exports grew 50%.

LED lighting products export destinations are mainly Europe and Japan, with exports sort order of the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, France, Canada and so on.

Since the 2015 Asian demand is growing rapidly, the state exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India, the United Arab Emirates increased remarkably, showing a large market demand for space.

However, as Chinese products in the international market share and growing base, LED lighting products, although still maintained double-digit export growth, but this figure is on the decrease.

Therefore, despite the current downturn in the industry, many industry negative argument, but through these data we want to see the entire LED lighting market is still increasing. Expected 2015--2020 years, the global lighting industry will maintain an average annual growth of around 5%. Among them, the developed countries between 2-3%, and like China, India and other developing countries around 7-8%, the overall trend will not change much.


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