High-tech farms use LED light sources

High-tech farms use LED light sources


The growth of all things to control, precision control of the surrounding temperature, humidity, irrigation and other environmental conditions in order to ensure sustained and reliable cultivation process. The high-tech farm, located in the Netherlands, was established in 2010 and covers an area of 200,000 square feet (18,500 square meters).

Green Spirit Farms

Green Spirit Farms builds a high-tech vertical farm by taking advantage of the inner space of the worn-out unused buildings. The farm uses hydroponic systems and LED lighting modules, a variety of vegetable crops, and ultimately sold to the farm where the local farmers market in Michigan.

Sharp Strawberry Planting Laboratory

Hear Sharp, you will first think of television, mobile phones and other consumer electronics products, in fact, the Japanese electronics giant last year, began to "sneaky" into the high-tech farming industry. Japan strawberry reputation Far EasTone, but on the one hand high prices, on the other hand is not conducive to transport, so last year in Dubai, Sharp set up a strawberry cultivation laboratory, planting strawberries in the indoor environment. Sharp in the laboratory allegedly used its own LED technology and other equipment, can enhance the strawberry production. Sharp also plans to officially open a plant in Dubai.

Fujimoto Numazu Plantation

Japan's electronics manufacturers have moved to factories in China, Japan abandoned some of their factories are turned into high-tech farms. Fujitsu has set up a plantation in Numazu to cultivate low-potassium lettuce for people with kidney problems. Special management software based on cloud services can increase the yield of these crops. Allegedly these factories transformed into high-tech farms in the process of the Japanese government to contribute a lot, hopefully as 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis reconstruction as part of.

Farmed Here

The world's top 11 high-tech farms use LED light source

Farmed Here is an indoor vertical farm in Chicago. In the farms, 97% of the water used for irrigation was reused and no herbicides or pesticides were available on the farm. The vertical farm also uses a number of emerging technologies, such as LED lights and local distribution of layout, reduce energy consumption, increase crop yields. Crops grown here include sesame, basil, mint and so on.

Green Farms Agronomics & Mycology

This is a vertical farm in the city of Vaspareso, Indiana, which grows crops using composite farming techniques and sells them to the Chicago area. The farm uses the open source model, other areas can also use the technology. The farm also has its own farmers market, where consumers can purchase ingredients throughout the year.

Red Sun Farms

Red Sun Farms is located in Dublin, Virginia, covering about 20,000 acres, in a huge greenhouse using nutrient solution cultivation and LED light cultivation of tomatoes. Red Sun Farms is a Mexican company, the first high-tech farm in the United States. This year in July, the farm planted a total of about 60,000 tomato seedlings.


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