"Highly directional" deep UV LEDs

Recently, a research team led by Dr. Shinichiro Inoue, Director of the Future Information and Communication Technology Research Institute of Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, successfully developed the world's first extremely highly directional light transmitter by using nano-optical structure technology to control the light distribution angle. Optics-free deep UV LED.

"Highly directional" deep UV LEDs

It is understood that the newly developed deep ultraviolet LED proves that by combining nano-optical structure technology with micro-LED structure, it is possible to accurately control the light distribution angle of emitted deep ultraviolet light and collimate it into a beam shape without using optical lenses. . This structure can also effectively improve the light extraction efficiency of deep ultraviolet LEDs. It has been proven that it can not only control the light distribution angle, but also significantly increase the light output (about 1.5 times).

According to reports, deep ultraviolet LEDs are expected to be used to inactivate aerosol viruses floating in the air, and can also be used as optical wireless communication light sources that are not affected by sunlight background noise. This achievement is expected to efficiently irradiate high-intensity deep ultraviolet light only where needed without using high-cost lenses or optical components, suppress unnecessary diffusion of deep ultraviolet light, reduce the risk of exposure to the human body, etc., and significantly improve Safety, efficiency and productivity of deep UV LEDs.


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