Home is a smart lighting breakthrough

As the LED industry's technical threshold is low, companies can easily enter the market to compete. Data show that in 2014 the number of LED companies as many as 20,000, which undoubtedly led to various companies want to win the market through the price of the strategy, a time of fierce price war, the consequences of intense competition, just after a year, 4,000 companies out of the market. The future of LED lighting industry capacity is still excess, domestic enterprises have LED products do not make profits at all, Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries have announced several major lighting out of the manufacturing sector, and Chinese enterprises to do differentiated competition.

Home is a smart lighting breakthrough

In the differentiation of competition, Philips should be the fastest and most successful one. HUE as the representative of the Philips smart home lighting product system, has become the benchmark for smart home products. Smart home products from many at home and abroad, more or less can be seen to imitate the traces of Philips, and even the appearance of copying HUE, which makes people very embarrassed.

Smart home is not just a light bulb to light, not to say that even add a APP smart home. As the entrance to the Internet, in addition to dimming and scene lighting, these basic functions, the more important thing is to carry a smart home interface Internet platform system, from this perspective, the real entry into the field of intelligent lighting, only Philips, millet , Huawei, and so few companies, and the cross-border cooperation between the above-mentioned several enterprises, the same is the establishment of smart home eco-circle as the goal, while the lighting industry, followed by a large number, too much a mere formality.


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